Our resort is situated on 3,800 hectares of organic farmland, with 12 kilometers of private beaches & reefs. Not only does our resort run solely on wind & solar power, but The Palm House is part of one of the largest privately owned family businesses in Vanuatu.

By choosing to stay with us, you are supporting the economic growth & stability of 100s of local families on Éfaté & Epi Islands. But more importantly you will become part of our commitment to protecting & preserving this land, its culture & its families for generations to come.

Not only are we passionate about our social responsibility to preserving this land, but we are equally driven to producing the highest quality grass-fed beef, organic coconut oil & prawns.

With over 2,000 head of cattle on our family property Tukutuk, we also produce our own lamb & goats, all of which is celebrated on our menu.

As Vanuatu’s first luxury agro-tourism resort, we can truly say our property is unique.

Vanuatu is an archipelago chain made up of 82 islands, each rich in their own individual culture & traditions. Our Ni-Vanuatu people (as they are known) are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet, embracing all visitors to Vanuatu with kind welcomes and big smiles.

Éfaté has many beautiful locations to explore from our local market mamas, blue lagoons, cascades, scuba diving tours of pristine reefs & village tours to experience local life.

If you should decide to explore the outer islands, your hosts are here to assist with any add-on queries. Volcanoes in Tanna, ‘Champagne Beach’ in Santo & their magnificent ‘Blue Hole’ are all just a short flight away.

Our island embodies that one thing we all crave, a place where time stands still, locals refer to it as — island time.

Come see for yourself…